• A production increase is obtained after few days ( approx 10) of treatment. After two weeks results are similar to previous experiences.
  • No changes are observed in milk’s quality. Two values only appeared a bit elevated. It is important to mention that the milk from this farm has a very good composition.
  • The animals tolerated well the daily treatment. No incidents were reported. No vet intervention was required in any case.
  • The farmers mentioned that they observed a favorable change in the shape of the udder.
  • After two experiments the farmers have a good opinion about the viability of the treatment.
  • The echo control showed a persistence of image compatibles with an increase in the functional tissue without major changes form the previous experiment.


4 + 4 sheep = 8
4 + 4 cows = 8

Total – 16 animals safety studies and a number of efficacy evaluations included in these groups.  ALL treated one hour every other day with the Ventura Axion stimulator

The sheep involved in the experiment were 4 in the first, were we concluded the size increase and 4 in the second where we took biopsies and confirm the safety of treatment.

In all cases we found production increase, no adverse effects and excellent echo and histology which can be correlated with sheep’s findings: size increase, no adverse effects and histology improvement.